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MasterSun 360

MasterSun 360
Sportarredo poured all of its passion for technological achievement into the making of the Mastersun 360. A high-pressure tanning system delivers an incredibly even tan, while the bed’s smooth acrylic body stays cool to the touch.

Radio with MP3

Illumination in canopy, base, interior

Classy white with blue and silver accents

360° High Pressure tanning

User friendly control panel

3 speed body ventilation

AC input connection for increased lounge cooling

30 Total Lamps

Canopy: 7 1530w (face/body) 11 630w (sides/feet)

Lounge: 12 KalfaSun 630F

Total Lamp Wattage: 15,561w


Length — 86″ (7’2″)

Width — 67″ (5’7″)

Height — 78″ (6’6″)

Weight — 2,000 lbs

Ballasts: Choke

Timer: 15 minute T-Max® ready

Power: 3 phase, 230 volt, 80 amp; available in single phase at 125 amp
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